Skinsjar.io is pretending to be our brand but they are not. They are scamming users who trusted our brand. The only website owned by skinsjar is skinsjar.com

UPDATE 16th of August 2017

Dear users, unfortunately our bots are not working as expected. We need couple more days to get back online. We hope that our website will be working again on 22nd of August.

UPDATE 8th of August 2017

Dear users, we are coming back on 16th of August. We will activate only few bots to allow users withdrawing their funds.

Official Statement

Dear SKINSJAR Users!

On 18th of July Steam (VALVE) has banned all of our bots. In recent days you haven't heard any news from us, as we strived for any known methods to unlock our bots to bring SKINSJAR.com back again. We keep working on it every single day.

From the beginning we have tried to provide the lowest commission and legit trades. Unfortunatelly, as we have experienced problems with our bots, your balance has been also blocked. 90 steam accounts full of skins listed below are banned for trading. We would like to withdraw your account balance, but as you can see we can't do this at the moment.

We will keep working to bring you a solution to cash out your balance but it may take some time. Possible solutions that we are thinking about:

1) We will create one more bot with hope valve will not ban it with only withdrawal option

2) We will transfer your balance to another website like opskins, bitskins, g2a, kinguin or a trade bot

We will inform you about the progress of our work once every week. We expect to have a solution ready by 8th of August.

List of our banned BOTS:

SKINSJAR.COM gushu6688
SKINSJAR.COM hobyu6661
SKINSJAR.COM fwija4566
SKINSJAR.COM obuni5142
SKINSJAR.COM sasho5321
SKINSJAR.COM ryumu5666
SKINSJAR.COM rirya1802
SKINSJAR.COM ysuna6232
SKINSJAR.COM myopu4356
SKINSJAR.COM ggawe5666
SKINSJAR.COM wgube6523
SKINSJAR.COM pyufu8566
SKINSJAR.COM spine8521
SKINSJAR.COM nishu5294
SKINSJAR.COM hyabu5697
SKINSJAR.COM dgino3724
SKINSJAR.COM hamyo9565
SKINSJAR.COM uneyo5820
SKINSJAR.COM pjuwa8647
SKINSJAR.COM myozo9654
SKINSJAR.COM reshi3076
SKINSJAR.COM zmimu5685
SKINSJAR.COM jfumi5421
SKINSJAR.COM wrura5758
SKINSJAR.COM chini5464
SKINSJAR.COM yacha7352
SKINSJAR.COM himyu1358
SKINSJAR.COM kyoba5134
SKINSJAR.COM epine2868
SKINSJAR.COM gyahi3863
SKINSJAR.COM pnuno4373
SKINSJAR.COM pyose7492
SKINSJAR.COM anera1718
SKINSJAR.COM tsuzo3151
SKINSJAR.COM ryugo3456
SKINSJAR.COM ijako5729
SKINSJAR.COM shuja2859
SKINSJAR.COM napya4728
SKINSJAR.COM chade3850
SKINSJAR.COM pzabi5820
SKINSJAR.COM zanya8797
SKINSJAR.COM myahi1212
SKINSJAR.COM jirya2345
SKINSJAR.COM drebe1111
SKINSJAR.COM chawo6575
SKINSJAR.COM hepyu3333
SKINSJAR.COM peshu4343
SKINSJAR.COM tzuwi3344
SKINSJAR.COM ynina1234
SKINSJAR.COM etaha5555
SKINSJAR.COM sgeka9809
SKINSJAR.COM uhofu1212
SKINSJAR.COM unapu7777
SKINSJAR.COM ifuma3444
SKINSJAR.COM mworu2525
SKINSJAR.COM gipyo7676
SKINSJAR.COM roryo9876
SKINSJAR.COM hyosu5445
SKINSJAR.COM wtofu6666
SKINSJAR.COM sachu9001
SKINSJAR.COM apero1234
SKINSJAR.COM susho1919
SKINSJAR.COM ymeto1709
SKINSJAR.COM pwewo4335
SKINSJAR.COM jitsu8854
SKINSJAR.COM osuta5589
SKINSJAR.COM draze1111
SKINSJAR.COM nyopu1001
SKINSJAR.COM pburu2283
SKINSJAR.COM nyuri1819
SKINSJAR.COM szury2992
SKINSJAR.COM burpa7667
SKINSJAR.COM jamik8765
SKINSJAR.COM tedin9901
SKINSJAR.COM trefu8876
SKINSJAR.COM somar8865
SKINSJAR.COM irnea4353
SKINSJAR.COM idist9099
SKINSJAR.COM dedas2345
SKINSJAR.COM nusti2343
SKINSJAR.COM elyis9878
SKINSJAR.COM talye4545
SKINSJAR.COM kyrmu4562
SKINSJAR.COM ponyo8700
SKINSJAR.COM udabi8765
SKINSJAR.COM onuro5655
SKINSJAR.COM sokya3232